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Mobile Banking Myths

Natalia Muñoz-Moore - Chief Experience Officer

While most adults in the United States are already using mobile banking, there are common misconceptions about the security, convenience, and ease of online banking services. Let’s dispel some of those myths:

Myth 1My personal and banking information are at risk

There are federal laws that require financial institutions to safeguard customer information. Mobile banking is more secure than ever before and anything that could be done in person can now be done virtually, including opening an account. VIVA First uses the latest 256-bit AES encryption technology to protect all your personal and financial information.

Myth 2I won’t be able to deposit cash or checks

You can deposit checks from the comfort of your mobile phone! Using the VIVA First mobile app, you take pictures of the front and back of a check and it will be deposited into your account. Deposit cash at the register of 90,000+ retailers nationwide!*
* (A $4.95 reload fee plus deposit and card balance limits apply. Active card required.)

Myth 3Online banking accounts aren’t insured

Online banks can also be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). All VIVA First accounts are FDIC-insured under our sponsor bank, Spur Security. The FDIC insures depositors’ accounts up to $250,000 and is backed by the United States Government.

Myth 4I won’t be able to talk to a person

You will not get face-to-face interaction, however you will not have to rush to a branch before closing time because our customer service team can be reached by a simple e-mail or chat. Plus, all our customer service resources are available in English and Spanish.

Myth 5You have to be tech savvy

This is probably the biggest misconception about mobile banking. Yes, you do need a mobile phone or tablet to access mobile bank services, but you don’t need to be tech savvy to take full advantage of the convenience of mobile banking. VIVA First’s mobile app is designed to be simple, straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use. Trust us, you are going to love it!