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5 Tips For Keeping Your Debit Card Safe

Natalia Muñoz-Moore - Chief Experience Officer

Did I close the garage? Did I lock my car? Did I turn off the oven?


There's a list of questions we have to double-check and even triple-check in our lives. As a bank, our favorite one happens to be - did I get my debit card?Whether you're dining out or making online purchases at home, we can all benefit from being more aware of where we physically place our debit cards or enter our information.


Here are a few ways to keep your eyes open while keeping your debit card safe:


1.     Check your online bank account often and go paperless


By checking your online account often, you'll be able to catch suspicious activity early. As an extra caution, we recommend not leaving a paper trail and instead going completely paperless with your debit card transactions. A paper trail can be easy for an unwanted party to intercept.


2.     Use your debit card as "credit" at the cash register


You know when you forget your PIN number and decide to bypass entering it? We think that should be a regular practice that goes beyond a forgetful mind, it should be intentional. The less you enter your PIN number, the safer your information is.


3.     Practice contactless payment


Another option is bypassing inserting your card at the payment terminal. Use the latest technology of the contactless feature by holding your card an inch or two over the contactless symbol on a payment terminal.It's just as fast and easy with the added bonus of safety.


4.     Use a secure network when purchasing online


That Amazon order you want to place? Consider the option of waiting until you get home to order. C'mon, it's Amazon it'll still be there in two days even if you wait a few hours to place your order!


5.     Lost your debit card? Turn it off!


No need to feel embarrassed, it happens to all of us. Whether you can't find it or are trying to retrace your steps, log into your account and turn it off. This will disable the card and protect it from fraudulent charges while you're on the hunt for it. Once found, you can easily turn the card back on. If you weren't so lucky, report it as lost or stolen so a replacement card can be issued.