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3 Ways To Show Your Money Some Love

Mona Lopez - Business Operations Manager

Love is in the air! Are you still looking for a valentine?

Allow us to introduce you to the one who will always be there, at times stress you out, but is over all supportive of all that you do. It’s not what you might expect. This month, we want you to fall in love with...your finances!

Are you tired of bickering with your money? We are too! That is why at VIVA First we are committed to creating a mobile banking experience that makes your life (and your new-found love for your finances) easier.

Here's how VIVA First makes it effortless for you to show your money some TLC:

Skip The Fees – With Our Mobile Banking App

With our easy-to-navigate free mobile banking app, you can have your checks automatically deposited at no extra charge. This means no more check-cashing fees; no more having to stop at a physical bank; no more standing in line – you get the idea! Just sign up for direct deposit through your VIVA First Account and get paid instantly, up to two days sooner.

Don’t Miss A Beat – Schedule Auto Pay

Bills. Nobody likes them, but we all have to pay them. You can authorize automatic payments with the company you wish to pay by using your VIVA First account. Just set it up once and never worry about missing a payment date again! And don’t forget – when you pay your bills on time, your credit score gets a boost. What a bonus!

Budget Better – With Real- Time Account Summary

Overspending is easy to do when your balance is out of sight, out of mind. That’s why we love the VIVAFirst mobile banking app. In a matter of seconds, you can have a snapshot of your spending in the palm of your hand! It may not always be a pretty picture, but it will help you understand your financial behaviors, so you can make changes where necessary, and build a budget that works for you!

From all of us at VIVA First, we want to remind you that we’re always here to help you achieve your financial goals.